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"Occasionally Ovid" contains three playlets, each exploring the darker side of the human psyche with humour, compassion and acute observation. Each story involves characters with unpronounceable names doing unspeakable things. The uniquely developed, innovative story- telling technique (utilising physical theatre and puppets) creates a popular, definitely adult, show. Audiences are taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions, with an infectious wickedly dark wit prevailing throughout. Comedy bursts from tragedy. Watch the video to see Roman mythology as never before.

Occasionally Ovid

Winner of "Most Outstanding Solo Performance" Cluj Puppet Festival, 2012



Winner of "Most Original Production" at Prague International Puppet Art Festival, 2010



"sublimely well performed" 

Directed by John Mowat

Performed by Helen Ainsworth 

Lighting by Joaquim Madaíl       

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