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Directed by John Mowat

Performed by Helen Ainsworth    

"Janet" is an emotional, high-­energy, poetically performed tragi-comedy, celebrating the life of Janet. A quirky look at trying to defy the inevitable and the struggle to be oneself using objects and unconventional puppetry. Janet herself is played by a lump of uncooked bread dough. "Janet" tells the story of her search for herself despite her crazy packet-of-flour-mother, some bad dreams involving a brioche and a disastrous love affair with a handsome rolling pin.
"Janet" is a show for anyone who has tried to battle destiny; those who play with their food and especially those who like a well cooked loaf of bread. A very human story told by objects with a dark comic edge - think Emmerdale meets Monty Python, plus a little B-Movie Horror.
Research and Development supported by Proteus as part of Performance Lab
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